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What is required for valuations?

A surveyor completes valuations by following a specific process that involves the following steps:

1. Gathering Information:

The first step in completing a valuation is to gather all the necessary information about the property.

This includes details about its location, size, age, condition, and any unique features.

2. Conducting Site Visits:

Once all the information is gathered, the surveyor will visit the property in person to conduct a thorough inspection.

During this site visit, they will take measurements and assess the overall condition of the property.

3. Researching Market Data:

The surveyor will then research comparable properties in the area to get an idea of what similar properties are worth.

This helps them determine an accurate market value for the property being valued.

4. Applying Valuation

Techniques: There are various methods that can be used to value a property, such as cost approach, income approach, and sales comparison approach.

The surveyor will apply one or more of these techniques depending on the type of property being valued.

5. Preparing Valuation Report:

Based on their findings from the site visit and market data research, the surveyor will prepare a detailed valuation report that outlines their assessment of the property’s value.

6. Submitting Valuation

Report: The final step in completing a valuation is to submit the valuation report to their client or relevant party requesting it.

This report can be used for various purposes such as buying or selling a property, securing financing, or for legal proceedings.

Completing valuations requires extensive knowledge and expertise in assessing and determining the value of different types of properties using various techniques and methods.

A surveyor’s role is crucial in providing accurate valuations that help individuals and businesses make informed decisions regarding their properties.