Party Wall Prices Beaconsfield

See our simple pricing below so that you are able to protect your property – and further action against you.

party wall prices

Party Wall Prices Beaconsfield below

Party Wall Per Notice

£ 85 Inc VAT
  • Includes:
  • Researching the Land Registry
  • (Includes Land Registry Fees)
  • Preparing and serving Notice(s) under the relevant Section(s) of the Party Wall etc Act 1996
  • Consent Form to Adjoining Owner(s)
  • Follow up with Adjoining Owners

Adjoining owner appointed survey 

£ 270 Inc VAT
  • In normal circumstances the Adjoining Owner’s costs are usually paid for by the Building Owner.
  • As standard we charge a flat hourly rate, we can also quote a fixed cost on request.

Schedule on condition survey only

£ 540 Inc VAT
  • Comprehensive written and photographic report
  • Notes on condition
  • Classification of cracks
  • Copies for both parties Refund of initial consultation fee

Party wall agreement only

£ 840 Inc VAT
  • Serving of Notice(s)
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Drafting & Serving Award Acting as Agreed Surveyor
  • Acting as Joint Surveyor Up to 8 hours of time at our standard rate

Building owners appointed surveyor

£ 1,500 Inc VAT
  • letters
  • notices
  • site inspection
  • schedule on condition
  • party wall award